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About Us

We focus on bringing the best Travel Experience

Founder & CEO

Dr. Manjulika Gogoi

“Life is meant to be lived. Make good friends, travel whenever you can, create memories and bask in your own share of happiness.”

It is rightly said, “travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell”. Being a pedagogue I had gone through lanes of history, cultures, socio-political life of societies, the beauty and the ugly as reflected in books about life but having first-hand experiences (apart from knowing the most through reads or seeing on screens)  is an entirely out-of-the-world feeling, I believe. I left my job as a University Professor in a State University to plunge into this pleasure of discovering the charms of nature as well as the man-built marvels from the yore to the modern times. My passion for travel guided me further to extend my assistance to all who wishes to have company of strangers but at the same time seeks the independence of being a solo traveler.

Our Motto

 unwind & build memories together!

Our chief aim in beginning this travel service is to assist you in unwinding yourself from the entanglements of the monotonous and  mechanical lifestyle of the urban cities. The offbeat locations chosen are mostly from the Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, the abodes of divinity, beauty and serenity. Popular tourist destinations are also a part of our travel tours but our focus remains in the untouched regions as they fulfill the real motive of tourism—providing pleasure to the travelers and an opportunity to earn bread to the locals. By exploring such offbeat places, we not only have a divine rendezvous with the chaste terrains but also get a chance to mingle with the locals, experience their traditions and culture, get to know about their art and crafts, and in addition having the opportunity to relish the homemade and traditional delicacies. Such experiences undoubtedly etch lifetime memories and we at Hills & Vales believe that, travelling is not just hopping about places but also enriching ourselves with cultural and historical knowledge and carrying beautiful memories along with.

Our motto is to facilitate you to de-stress and be rejuvenated for which our dedicated team remain on toes and curate tours to the best of places during the best of times.

Our Tours

Hills & Vales organizes mixed group tours, women-only groups, customized trips across India & abroad.

The itineraries prepared are the result of careful research of destinations and availability of conveniences keeping in mind the type of group and the number of members. We deal with the itineraries and each group providing personal touch in a professional way.  

In addition, the size of each of the curated groups comprise of minimum 6 members. The maximum number could be either 12 or 24 members depending upon the destination and the type of group. The number includes one trip buddy from Hills & Vales to guide and assist you. If in case Hills & Vales isn’t able to execute a scheduled trip due to sudden implementation of Covid regulations, unfavorable weather conditions or due to any untoward situations, the trip would either be rescheduled or 100% refund would be credited into your account for the amount you pay. Once you pay us, it is our responsibility towards you.

Why Us?

We curate tours with a personal touch to meet the demands of solo/group travelers who wish to take a break from the regular and mundane activities of life. We are right here to assist you while you rejuvenate your spirit through the leisure trips carefully handpicked and crafted by us to give you your zest back to reclaim your space at home or work.

  • We make tours both to offbeat as well as popular destinations or destinations of your choice.
  • You can join us with your kins, friends or as ‘solo’ travelers. However, it is not exactly how a ‘solo’ travelling otherwise would be (although customized trips are arranged) as a group of other travelers would be a part of the journey. Nevertheless, we can assure you that you would remain solo until you meet us and the other members. Soon you would be a part of a beautiful family of strangers who no longer remains to be strangers.
  • The size of the groups are kept small so that travel doesn’t end up in chaos but with much fun and contentment after the day long visits.
  • No age restrictions after 21. You just need to be fit and healthy to undertake the journey.
  • You get introduced to diverse cultural and social experiences.
  • Eco-friendly and responsible travels.
  • You get to experience right from sustainable stays to starred ones.
  • Well researched destinations, the stays and availability of immediate conveniences.

Whether you are a single lady willing to travel and have the best of times for some days but concerned with safety, or someone looking to have new friends and travel in a women-only trip, we are right here for you! To the gentlemen, “you have knocked the right place to unwind yourself”.

Hills & Vales give its best to make you feel at home during moments of relaxation and refueling yourself. We welcome you to wander and explore with us and be a part of a fit gang of wanderers: fun-loving and like-minded. Our idea is to provide you with the best ever travelling experience – exciting, enriching and most importantly safe.